I’m Kostya, IT Admin &
automation developer

My heart belongs to computers and I think that
developing stuff online is my mission.

So what can I do?


Foremost, I maintain and integrate software and virtual machines. This includes setting up and maintaining VMs and installing specific software, which often requires some research and development of handy scripts.


The ability to automate and speed up work is crucial as it saves tons of time, so I use scripting languages like PowerShell, Bash and partially Python to complete tasks faster and better. This extremely speeds up the routines.


Hardening security without compromises is always the top priority for me no matter what. We live in the digital era when even slightest weaknesses in the security may often end up being a disaster. There’s no room for that.


No matter the kind of IT needs to be done, programming will end up being involved. I use Python, Go, JavaScript, Skript and some others to develop and troubleshoot software. Combined with CI/CD, it works like a charm.

My Projects


API client made with Python, providing bindings for Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund made with full API calls support in mind, yet making the implementation easy to understand, integrate and use out of the box.


Simple yet reliable bot, that protects private chats from the bot and spam attacks. Generates captchas and accepts feedback as a callback queries, thus quickly improving the security of any group chat or community.

END PLAY Network

The network of interconnected Minecraft servers and systems that support them under the hood, including: proxies, load balancers, CDNs, chatbots, SMM systems, authentication providers and much more.


Implementation of the API server and client in the OpenAPI format. Developed as an internal service first, published as a complete solution now. Easy to understand, deploy and integrate somewhere else.


System consisting of the API and a chatbot that helps to get the notifications about garbage collection before it’s too late by reminding about the collection in advance. Partially relies on GeoNames location data standard.


Friendly Discord community with different IT services integrated deeply into its structure. Combines the chatbots, RSS readers, API integrations, game servers, web development and event management on itself.