I’m Kostya, IT Admin &
automation developer

My heart belongs to computers and I think that
developing stuff online is my mission.

So what can I do?


Foremost, I maintain and integrate software and virtual machines. This includes setting up and maintaining VMs and installing specific software, which often requires some research and development of handy scripts.

Minecraft Servers

Quite a lot of time I spent on gaming servers development. Optimizing client-server connection, doing level and game design, developing plug-ins and deeply integrating in-game experience with other services.

WordPress sites

Designing, hosting, securing and keeping up-to-date CMS WordPress may sometimes get tricky, as the WP is not really that great at being performant and secure out of the box. Thanks to my experience – I can fix that.


The ability to automate and speed up work is crucial nowadays, so I learned Python, Go, Skript, PowerShell, Bash and some others to complete tasks faster and better. Together with CI/CD, it works like a charm.